About Me

Lincolnpark1I am a woman. In many ways that says a lot :).

I am a Christian. In addition to the implications my gender makes about who I am, I am also a woman who has placed her faith in Christ and desires for that faith to completely transform the type of woman I am; changing some of those gender related implications.

I think humor and sarcasm are necessary forms of communication. I laugh a lot (often times at myself) and I really enjoy witty/sarcastic comments that make for more laughter. Though, I am not naive in this area; my east coast edge and sarcasm occasionally needs to be put in check.

I am a researcher; an eager student and teacher at the same time. When I hear about something new or hear about something I am unfamiliar with, well I make a point to learn about it. This drives my desire to meet new people, to engage people in thought provoking conversations, to read more books, to learn about new topics online, to spend hours browsing Pinterest, to create new things and even to use this blog to rant about my new discoveries!

I am an observer. An observer who enjoys people watching entirely too much (yes, I realize I am far from perfect and am probably being “watched” and mocked by my fellow people watchers – I’m ok with that and can laugh at myself just the same). I’m also an observer who finds great value in learning from the mistakes of others, rather than learning for myself firsthand. But let’s be clear: I make my own mistakes along the way and hope others in my life can learn from my own mistakes.

I am grateful that the Lord uses unworthy people, like myself, who have made so many mistakes in this life. I can’t say enough about His faithfulness, His forgiveness, His love and His disciplining mercy and grace.


On that note, I am an outspoken person who likes to share what she’s learned in hopes that I could encourage, help, inform, warn and teach others something new and (possibly) offer a solution for some problem or uncertainty they are facing at that time. Making myself available to others in this way is very important to me, a huge desire of my heart and something the Lord always uses to teach me more about His character. Again, this is why I blog.

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