A Year Ago: October 2013

It’s October 2014 and I live in Washington, D.C. I’m a part of Redeemer City Church, I work from home, and I live only about an hour from my family in Maryland and my dear friends in Virginia. I’m just a short walk and metro ride away from almost any place I’d like to visit within my new city and I’m just a road trip away from visiting my favorite US city, which is Boston.

As I sat in church this past Sunday morning I had a bit of a deja vu moment; but I hadn’t experienced sitting in that moment before, so what was I feeling was familiar? My moment came from realizing that just a year ago I lived in SoCal, went to my CA “home” church, was a part of fantastic circles of friends and connected in community with fellow sojourners in the Christian life, worked in an office (with some amazing people, I’ll add!), used my car to get anywhere I needed to go and had to drop at least $400 and lots of vacation days to fly across the country to visit with my family and friends on the east coast. Not to mention, I haven’t been able to visit Boston since the summer of 2009.

Then I realized that I have been in this moment before – hence the deja vu. It was just 6 years ago (literally it was in October of 2008) that I sat in a chair at Copperhill Community Church and reminisced about how much my life had changed from the year before that. It was such a similar moment because I had just moved across the country about 4 months before I joined Copperhill (from Boston to Santa Clarita). I had similar thoughts of where I had come from, where I was working, the groups of friends and loved ones I had left, etc.

In my second October recollection moment it hit me that within a 7 year interval I’ve done a lot; including living in 3 different major cities. As I look back I’m so blessed to see the Lord’s faithfulness and also to see just how much he spoils the desires of my heart to travel and experience new things. When I was growing up I never imagined my life taking the turns that it has and as each new year passes I pray that I keep gratitude in the forefront of my mind.

Looking back, here are a few things that were going on this time in my life last year and memories I hold dear:


Dinner with my team at work. Doing the typical “Scorpion” glass hold. I actually told one of my good friends that I was thinking of moving to DC this same night after the dinner ended.


Walk for Life in Santa Clarita with these ladies. That was a great day and what a great cause to support.


My view of trees in our neighborhood. Little hints of early Fall for Cali.


My view from the third floor office in Valencia.


Bowling with one of my community groups in Cali. Love these women!


Emilie and I were accidental twinsies to church one morning. This happens often and it doesnt matter what coast were living on :).


Team “Cops and Robbers” Halloween costume. The two are my partners in crime and will always be. #GB


My sweet friend Jenna surprised me with homemade, heart shaped pumpkin muffins one morning. She left that at my door before work after a difficult week.


Saugus Football game with the this crazy crew. Always an eventful time with the Schafer family.



New Blog Topic & Series: “A Year Ago…”

I’m adding a new blog topic to my page and I hope to update it at times where reflections lead me to think “wow, a year ago I was [fill in the blank].” Anytime I think in this manner it’s worth writing about and reflecting on what has happened since that time in my life. The Lord tends to use random moments of reflection like these to remind me of His character, to show me how much can happen in a year and to remind me that this life is but a fleeting breath – each day, month and year seemingly passing by faster than the last and in the blink of an eye.

FullSizeRender-2He also uses times with close friends and loved ones to help me walk down memory lane and to process the lessons learned; often those times are filled with both parties recalling times of great difficulty, times of unfathomable blessings, seemingly insignificant moments that changed things for good, and times full of much needed laughter! I often work out my thoughts with close friends over coffee, while we’re running errands or even while doing laundry. It’s a huge blessing to have people in my life who understand my rants of verbal processing; typically done while multi-tasking, and can take what I say with a grain of salt when needed. At this stage in life and with my recent move to Washington, D.C., some of my closest friends live 3,000 miles away now. Needless to say scheduling phone dates can sometimes be difficult; I figured what better way to have those “conversations” than to record portions of His faithfulness and provision in my life on my blog.

If you’re a topical blog browser, you’ll be able to find these type of posts in my categories under “a year ago.” By the way, if you regularly read my posts and haven’t yet subscribed I’m hoping that you will consider subscribing so I can meet my personal goal of getting 30 subscribers before 2015. I’d also love to have guest bloggers contribute to this “life reflections” category of my blog. If you’re willing and/or interested in being a guest on my blog let me know. I’d love to chat about the possibilities! You can email me at ablogseyeview at gmail dot com.

My first post about where I was in life a year ago will be coming this week – stay tuned!