The Transition Rollercoaster: Highs, Lows & Everything in Between

First things first, please accept my apology that it’s taken me so long to get an update posted.

Since that’s out of the way, here’s a little update for those of you following my journey to DC.

CSLEWISCHANGEAs you can see in the title of this blog, this transition has been a roller coaster ride – and it’s still going. Now, I for one enjoy a good coaster from time to time, especially if it’s Screemin’ from California Adventure (Oh Disneyland, how I miss you so!) . However, as I get older I tend to shy away from the rides that have huge drops, flip upside down multiple times, throw me around at high speeds or suddenly stop without giving my body any chance to slow down before crashing into the metal vest that’s keeping me from falling out. Sure, I still ride roller coasters like this at times because they can be so much fun. But I definitely do what I can to avoid them more often than I used to, because let’s face it, I don’t think the thrill of it all is as worth it as it once was.

There you have it, a metaphor to describe what life has been like since I left California about a month ago. The main difference being that my ride has been absolutely worth every jerk, drop, unexpected curve and sudden stop thus far – and I’m confident it will continue to be worth it as time goes on. How can I be so confident about that?  Well the Lord is using this time to teach me so many things about Himself and my heart – that alone is worth the growing pains.

There have been moments where I couldn’t stop smiling or laughing; I mean my stomach hurt I was laughing so hard and I just didn’t want them to end. There have also been moments where I was so overwhelmed I couldn’t hold back the tears. In other moments I’ve found myself  holding on tightly and closing my eyes, somehow thinking I could change the ride by doing that. But then there were the moments where I let go and just enjoyed the “free falling” experience of it all.

If you plan to stay tuned to my updates about the move and our new church family, that’s great! You’ll be happy to know that I’ll be posting a series of more in-depth blogs recounting highlights from our cross country trip  soon!  I’ll also post about all of the things my roomie and I have encountered thus far in this wonderful city we now call home. But for now, I’m going to keep the updates below minimal and then get some rest – I’m battling the sickness that welcomed me back to the humidity (that’s an east coast welcome for ya).

In conclusion, here’s what has happened since I left Cali:

Cross Country Trip:
Three friends and I conquered a cross country road trip; mark that off the bucket list! We drove over 3,000 miles, consumed nearly 390 oz of caffeine, drove through 9 states, stayed in 1 scheevy hotel and then with 5 other amazing hosts. We drove through gorgeous scenery and of course stopped to take pictures! There were car dance parties, 80s and 90s playlists, fun foodie finds, games of “Would You Rather?” and MASH future predictions that I kind of hope come true.

New Home:
We found out that we were approved for it while driving cross country. Emilie and I printed, read, signed, faxed back and wired our deposits for our new place WHILE “ON THE ROAD.” We did all of this without ever seeing our house in person – talk about a leap of faith. The Lord not only blessed us with a great place to live (location and house amenities) and an AWESOME new roommate, but we moved in JUST in time for the neighborhood block party this last weekend. Ironic? I think not.

New Church Family:
They are fantastic. Already since we’ve been here our new church family has been there when we needed a helping hand moving our stuff into the house (because UBox is NOT for everyone; more about that in my future posts) and picking up additional furniture. They’ve also been here to encourage me as I’m sick, spend time in the Word and in prayer and just been great at initiated the building community process. I’m so excited for the vision of our church family and for this time we have to build closer relationships with each other.

New Office:
After 8 Coffee shops and two weeks of a traveling office, my home office was finally set up last week and has been going full force ahead ever since. Though working from home has been an interesting transition (because the SD office environment is so fun of course), it’s coming along and I’m honing in on what it looks like to have a home office of inspiration. I’m actually inspired by living in the city and all of my new surroundings, so that’s good! I still can’t believe how blessed I am to have my job and to work with the people I work with – no matter how many miles are between us.

Support Across the Miles:
I couldn’t post this update without mentioning the vital role that my loved ones from Cali (and other areas of the US) have played in this transition thus far. I’ve felt your prayer support and appreciated any kinds words via text or Facebook message/comment – THANK  YOU. In particular, the Lord blessed the beginning stages of this transition by allowing four great friends to be here in DC with us to make sure we weren’t joining a cult 😉 (two of which also braved the cross country road trip with Emilie and I). Having their love and support here with us was something I didn’t truly know the value of until they left. Not only have those same friends been so intentional about checking in with us, but my other close friends have been really encouraging too! Thank you to everyone who has checked in – I need the connections and open lines of communications even if I seem like a tough cookie who can handle life on her own. Clearly, that’s not the case and the Lord has humbly reminded me of this many times in this transition alone.

Support Close to Home:
Having my family close enough to drive to is a foreign concept to me, but it’s a cool reality now. Having dear friends within a few hours of driving distance is also foreign to me, but again a reality now. My family and friends on this coast have been so encouraging at “welcoming me home” and planning time to connect with me again once I get settled here. There is MUCH catching up to do and I cannot wait for all of the overdue hugs.

The Next Few Months:
We’re having our house warming party in two weeks – which we plan to have a virtual type tour for those of you who obviously can’t make the trip to DC to see our house ;). I’ve got some family and local friends visits/road trips planned before the holiday season gets underway and we’ve also got some cool church events planned over the next few weeks and months – can’t wait to meet more new people!

I’m really looking forward to DC in the Fall; I’ve missed the Autumn season and am counting down the days until it arrives. Speaking of the Fall, I’ll be in SoCal for the last week of October working from my company’s Valencia office and supporting two dear friends as they get married. Maybe I’ll get a chance to connect with some of you that week – if not I’ll be back to visit not too long after that too.

Until next time folks!