7 Updates on Life & My Move to DC

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind, but here we are at the tail end of it all.

If you’ve been following my journey to DC, you know that my friend Emilie and I will be moving to DC soon. In fact, we’re moving next week! We’ve packed up our stuff, filled two U-Boxes, shipped everything off and mapped out our cross country road trip. We start our drive on Monday. AHHHH!  I’m a little excited about it because I absolutely love road trips.

I can’t believe it’s already here, and yet I’ve had moments where it feels like the days are passing by so slow. But I know soon enough I’ll be on the open road pondering about how my last two weeks in California flew by with just the blink of an eye (I wasn’t planning on that rhyming, but I kind of like it). It’s been an exhausting and fun couple of weeks; between the many “final” hangouts and lunches, working and creating, preparing my car for the trip and looking for housing in DC.

Since it’s late,  so I’m going to try to type this as fast as I can. But I thought I shouldn’t go too much longer before posting some updates about the last two weeks and my move to DC. So here are seven updates for your reading pleasure. Why seven? Well, it’s my favorite number and why not?

Here they are:

  1. Packing & Shipping:  We had a bunch of friends show up to help us pack our house throughout the month of June, to pack our UBoxes and to move our beds. We couldn’t have done it without them and I’m so grateful for the people that came to help us pack it all up. We managed to have many laughs throughout the process, which made it an awesome memory. We also were given the opportunity to give away stuff we couldn’t take and to be a blessing to several people who needed those items. It felt great to part with our stuff in that way.
  2. DC Housing: We still need to finalize a place to live in DC; but we’ve got an awesome third roomie (Mandi) whose been doing the leg work in DC to find the perfect place for us to call home. Please pray that we find the place by the time that we arrive in DC on July 21st. We’re confident that the Lord will provide the place in His timing and we’re even applying for a few this week.
  3. Cross Country Drive: We’re leaving bright and early on Monday, July 14th. I’m not a morning person, so I’ll be getting the largest coffee I can order and hoping my car mate doesn’t mind a little silence the first hour of the drive. We also have places to stay with people in every city but two. We’ve booked a hotel for one of those cities and we have some friends checking on options for us in the second city. I was so happy to see how many people supported our cause by connecting us with people who were willing to host four women over night as we make our way through each state. We’re still trying to raise money to cover our moving costs; we’ve raised about $500 of it so far (I think).
  4. Farewells: I’ve been spending “bye” time with people and it’s been super fun. I feel so loved and it’s been great to catch up and spend one-on-one time with dear friends. We also get two last chances to see people at our going away parties this weekend. Not only are our friends throwing us a going away bash this Saturday night, but our church is hosting a BBQ after church on Sunday. I know it will be a bittersweet time, but I’m looking forward to the memories that will be made at both parties and all of the hugs that will be passed around.
  5. Career Stuff: I’m still loving my new position. It’s been so much fun to get to know my new team better; I’ll really miss them when I move. I’ve also enjoyed exploring new ways to make magic happen within our industry – I work with amazingly talented and inspiring individuals. We also just had a fantastic mid-year meeting and it’s amazing to see the new adventures we plan to go on as a company. I’m privileged to be able to still be a part of it all from my new home in DC.
  6. Fun Times at Disneyland: It’s not secret, Disneyland is my favorite place in SoCal. So not only did I get to celebrate a dear friends birthday there last weekend, but I got to spend an entire weekend at my favorite place over the 4th of July holiday. There is A LOT of win in that sentence, I mean A TON of win! I had a blast and got to spend one of my last weekends in Cali with women I’ve been in a Bible study with since 2008. These are friendships that will continue across the miles and I’m so glad we got to make more memories before I moved.
  7. East Coast Greetings: There are lots of people I CANNOT wait to see once I get to DC. Family, friends and new church family. I’ll be driving up to Baltimore as soon as I can to give my family and friends there the biggest hugs and kisses. I’m going to plan a few mini road trips to see my little sister and my dear friends the Stanley’s as soon asI can. Our core team has been making their way to DC from different parts of the country and surrounding states. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone again, meeting the new members and discovering everyone’s story. I’m excited to begin meeting with our team regularly and building deeper relationships with our new community. Reunions in general are the best, so bring it on!

There you have it folks. Stay tuned for some fun updates from the road as our cross country adventure begins.