The Value of an Inconvenient Event

Car accidents are typically inconvenient and unexpected events. This was just the case for the one I was involved in a little over two weeks ago. Of course there were some immediate inconveniences:

  1. It was startling. OK, it was a bit scary and really not fun.
  2. It happened on the way to work that morning and I was already running late.
  3. My car was so damaged that I couldn’t drive; I had to have it towed.
  4. I was faced with the reality of the human condition when dealing with the others who were involved in the accident. Self-defense, preservation and blame-shifting sure do come out in these circumstances and consideration for the well being of others doesn’t seem to be important.

Then there were some aftermath inconveniences:

  1. I was without a car for two weeks. Apparently when 2011 Jenn signed up for car insurance she opted out of the rental car inclusion fees; post accident Jenn won’t make that mistake again!
  2. I had to rely on others to take me places; so my normal schedule was a bit abnormal and shaken up.
  3. Learning the hard way how insurance is actually a game that needs to be played by the “game makers” rules or you lose – it doesn’t seem to matter what the facts support; if you haven’t done it their way you seem to get the short end of the stick.
  4. The costs of the deductible and repairs. Cars can be expensive, which is a given. But when you’re preparing and saving money to move across the country (actually to drive cross country), the expenses of a car accident are not your first choice of financial obstacles to overcome.

But in all of this there were valuable lessons, cherished memories made and confirmed blessings.

You see, I really have such great friends and co-workers. I’d like to thank everyone who helped me during the last two weeks. From my awesome roomie driving me to work most mornings, to my dear friends letting me borrow their truck for a weekend, to my wonderful co-workers and thoughtful friends who dropped me off where I needed to be and even stopped by the office with much needed coffee reinforcements – THANK YOU!

Though I most certainly wouldn’t have chosen to be involved in a car accident, I see how the Lord is using it already. I praise Him for the fact that no one was hurt; because we very well could have been if things would have occurred just a few seconds later. The past two weeks have made it very evident that there is great value in this inconvenient occurrence in my life; if for no other reason than it has pointed me to Christ in ways that can’t be qualified with words. It’s provoked more prayer and a deeper trust in my relationship with God. It also provided opportunities for me to spend time with people in my life who rose to the occasion to bless me by helping me in this very practical way.

The very definition of an accident is that it’s an “an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury.” But in my experience this has been a blessing in disguise, even with the many inconveniences; both known and unknown at this time. I am happy to say that my accident, though unfortunate, has not resulted in devastating or irreversible damage or injury. On the contrary it has resulted in a greater appreciation for people I have in my life here in SoCal; people I love and will miss dearly when I move.

God is still good in the midst of stretching times and He will use cumbersome events in our lives to create opportunities to glorify Him and to see more of His faithfulness – doesn’t that make Him just the best ever


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