Seize Every Opportunity to Share the Gospel: Especially the Unwanted & Unexpected

This sermon was timely, and in a way I didn’t expect it to be. I listened to it after some sudden and very unexpected events in life – both awesome and not so fun. To name a few of these life events:

  • Stretching family news – I currently live 3,000 miles away
  • Car accident – no car for two weeks
  • Exciting work related news – awards, acknowledgement and new developments
  • New prospects for housing in DC – two new roommates confirmed too
  • Unexpected expenses – car related and other

The point is that every blessing and every “curse” is an opportunity to be an example of Christ in my life. The Lord challenged me to consider the opportunities He has laid before me in so many areas in life right now and to really evaluate if I was taking advantage and “seizing” that opportunity to learn more about Him and to display Christ to those around me. I’ll confess that I failed many times to do so, but I also see how the Lord used just this past week to allow me to interact on levels with people I never would have had I not been in said car accidents, or known of said family news or even received said acknowledgement for a job well done.

I pray that I will see these opportunities when they come up; even in moments where I want nothing to do with them because of selfishness and pride. The most unlikely encounter could be the opportunity I’ve been praying for to act in obedience to sharing the Gospel truth – a truth full of kindness, love, justice, sacrifice, long-suffering, sanctification, providential redemption and grace.

Some of my favorite quotes from Matt Chandler in this sermon were:

“Obedience is always better than being unwilling to take risks.”

“Please do not buy into the lie that what you need to be in place for you to be effective at sharing the Gospel with others is a perfect life.”

“One of the brightest billboards of the sufficiency and grace of Christ is our weaknesses, not our strengths.”


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