Bye DC, I’ll See You Soon!

Well the DC weekend has come and gone and I am writing this as I wait for our plane to board. It was a great weekend with friends, family, and more friends. I am sad to leave, but there is much to go back to in LA for the next three months and I want to finish strong there.

IMG_5862We got to experience some cool places and spaces on this trip and I’m happy we were able to fit so much in. We visited the Lincoln Memorial, walked across the Memorial Bridge, mastered the MetroBus system and the blue line. My family drove in from Baltimore and VA Beach to go to the Natural History Museum with us, we visited Redeemer Arlington, and ate at a popular burger joint  – it was good!

All of that was just icing on the cake, because the real reason I was here this weekend was for our vision cast meeting. We got to hear stories of how people on our team heard about the plant and how the Lord is leading them to DC. I loved meeting everyone and hearing about God’s work in their lives – we all have such unique stories of being called to be a part of this plant and I love how diverse our group is already!

IMG_5870God is doing amazing things and I am so excited to already be a part of it. I still can’t believe that I will soon call this city home and my mission field. As I walked around the city my heart longed to build relationships with people around me so that I could get to know their story and so our stories could intersect and grow God’s story in our lives. It’s a diverse city, and I haven’t even seen all that there is culture wise.

So long DC, I’ll see you soon. I look forward to what God has planned when we meet again – watch out because He isn’t bound by social class, race, pace of life, family size, marital status, musical preferences, career choice or any other classifications or identity factor that might put us as individuals into a certain network or community.

He is a powerful God who has great plans for this city.


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